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HaViMo 2.5 kamera pro Arduino

HaViMo 2.5 kamera pro Arduino

Bez daně: 120,00$
Množství:  Dát do košíku  
Model: 2.5
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Dostupnost: 2
HaViMo2.5 is a computer vision shield for Arduino. It provides low level, and usually computationally expensive computer vision functionalities for Arduino. The module is equipped with a VGA CMOS Camera. The firmware of the module contains two key pixel-level image processing algorithms.
Region Growing finds and clusters connected areas of the same color and reports their coordinates as well as other properties.
Gridding reduces the resolution of the image without much data loss thanks to object priorities. The result can be further processed on Arduino to detect shapes and other fatures.
A color look-up table is used to associate colors to objects. The look-up table can be accessed using the calibration tool HaViMoGUI. All camera settings can also be accessed using HaViMoGUI or by direct programming.

For more information about the product refer to HaViMo2.5 data sheet.

Getting started with HaViMo2.5

  1. Attach HaViMo2.5 to your Arduino
  2. Attach Arduino to PC via USBcable
  3. Copy and paste the following Arduino Sketch into Arduino IDE.
  4. Compile and flash the program to your Arduino
  5. Download an run HaViMoGUI.
  6. Enjoy using HaViMo2.5
void setup()
void loop() // run over and over
    int rxPC = PIND & 1;
    int rxHaViMo = (PIND>>2) & 1;
    PORTD = rxPC * 8 + rxHaViMo * 2;

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